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I’m Emily!…the creator, author, and voice behind figureskatingETC.com. I'm a high school student living in New Jersey and I’ve been a figure skater since I was six years old. I always had a love of learning, taking on risks, enjoying new adventures, and being challenged. For me, skating definitely meets all these attributes which is why I work so hard, sacrifice countless hours practicing, and remain passionate and dedicated to the sport. Figure skating has taught me valuable life lessons and skills and provided me with truly amazing memorable experiences. Skating is never boring because there are endless things to learn and once you finally master a skill and move, there's always something else new to learn and practice. I find skating thrilling and deeply satisfying especially when I perfect a difficult jump or master a complicated dance move after putting much blood, sweat, and tears into learning the elements.   

Skating has opened a world of new opportunities, allowing me to make a lasting and valuable impact on myself, my peers, and my community. I'm always seeking new ways to make a difference with my love for skating. For the past years, I have been a basic skills and ice dance coach and also work as a Learn-to-Skate instructor for my local rink.  I have always genuinely enjoyed teaching younger children and building close student-mentor relationships. I watched my students reap the fruits of their labor through hard work and dedication and constantly awed by how such a seemingly simple act of imparting my knowledge adds an intangible yet immense benefit to my students’ learning. I find teaching extremely rewarding as I can play a vital role in the development of future skaters. 

While the satisfaction I gained from teaching my students was immense, I sought challenges to do even more in order to help my peers on a larger scale. After the untimely passing of my grandmother a couple years ago, I launched my school’s first skating fundraiser to benefit cancer research and education. I continued to forge my passion for skating to further promote the sport and help my community. For the past couple of years, I organized and led a National Skating Month open house event at my local rink which attracted hundreds of new families learning to skate for the first time. I recruited my club coaches and members to teach half-hour free group lessons and had my skating teammates perform an exhibition showcasing their many skills and talents. I used my annual National Skating Month celebration to tackle the growing global health issue of obesity in children through education and free lessons. My latest endeavor in launching a skating blog is yet another opportunity for me to help educate and serve my students, parents, and community. My skating endeavors have long-ranging and sustainable influence on others and I continue to strive to make positive and meaningful contributions to something greater than myself.

Writing is also another big passion of mine. Ever since I was young, I would lock myself in my room and devote hours to writing stories- crafting intricate plots and themes, gathering and researching ideas, and creating interesting and complex characters.  I also enjoy writing poems, short plays, and have kept a personal journal and even tried my hand at writing song lyrics. Writing is an escape for me, allowing me to create my own fictional world that constantly changes with my imagination and creativity. I have always had a curious and inquisitive mind leading to my earnest desire to learn new things. My love for writing grows everyday as I continue to express, explore, and discover myself. That's where the 'ETC' in my blog name comes into play as I not only write about basic skating information but want to offer some of my writing that I've been working on from time to time. 

Oh, another interesting tidbit about 'ETC' is that the letters are the initials of my name :)

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!