November 2017

My Mission

Excitement is in the air! We are exactly 100 days before the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and I’m so pumped and I thought what a perfect time to launch my figure skating blog.

As a basic skills and ice dance instructor, I am confronted with many of the same questions from new parents and skaters. As with any new sport, I sympathize with beginners who easily get confused and overwhelmed with all the rules and responsibilities.  So I was inspired to create a skating blog in hopes of providing a valuable resource guide for new skaters and their parents.  I want to share my knowledge and experiences and educate others so they are well-informed and prepared, but most importantly, so they can enjoy skating to its fullest potential and have a positive and fun experience. I want to empower young children to help achieve their potential and support their learning by challenging and motivating them to try new skills. Skating is a great year-round healthy activity for all ages and abilities and is truly a lifelong sport.


In creating this blog, I wanted to also promote health and physical fitness and educate my community of the myriad physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that skating has to offer. Skating not only provides a complete aerobic workout but also a brain workout as it exercises the mind and helps develop eye and body coordination as well as physical agility and balance. Skating also reduces mental stress and can improve one's mood.  I want to get everyone interested in skating because one can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy while having fun without even knowing it!  

With this blog, I am taking the opportunity to also share with you a few of my writing, including poems, essays, reviews, and critiques …hence, ‘ETC ’ in my blog name. These pieces are not at all related to skating but thought I would offer some of my work for your reading pleasure. Oh, another interesting tidbit about my blog name is that ‘ETC’ the initials of my name :)  

I look forward to connecting with my skaters and parents and networking with new people who share my passion!