When Should You Learn to Tie Your Own Skates

Skaters tying their own skates may seem like a stressful and daunting challenge as well. However, I can assure you that it is not as bad as it may seem. Take it from me who struggled with tying my own skates and having my mom do it for me for five years until I was ten yrs old! I always liked my skates super tight, and as a child I never believed I had the strength in my fingers to tie them to my satisfaction. However after watching my mom do it at every session and practicing at home, I eventually mastered it on my own. Now I won’t even let my mom touch my skates! It is important not to expect your child to learn immediately because it is a gradual process that will take much time and practice. By following the instructions below and constantly practicing, all skaters will eventually have the confidence and capability of tying his/her own skates. However, it is important to remember that skaters definitely do not need to tie their own skates right away. Parents should be in charge of tying skates until their child is old enough, strong enough, and comfortable enough on the ice.