How do I Cope with an Injury?

To all my Learn to Skate students, I apologize for missing class the past few weeks. I have been recovering from a sprained ankle and consequently I have been unable to skate. In dealing with this injury, I realized how important health is to skaters and I wanted to discuss how to prevent and cope with injuries. 


First week of ankle injury…
Owww! On crutches and so hard to get around :(


It’s been over a month now and ankle still not much better :((

Injuries are an unfortunate yet common setback for all skaters. Foot, ankle, and knee injuries are among the most common injuries, dampening the skater's ability to do even basic skating. Many times injuries are caused by overuse so it is important to know your limits and stop skating when something hurts. As my coaches always tell me, "Less is more." Excessive practice and exercise will only bring negative outcomes and may result in limiting your abilities. 

If you do get injured, the best thing to do is REST. The only way to get better is to allow your injured area ample time to heal. Even when you think it has gotten better, you should continue to take caution as you do not want a relapse. Although it may be frustrating, it is so important to have patience and wait it out to get a full and speedy recovery. 

Speaking from experience, my injured ankle has not only prevented me from skating, but it has also forced me to miss out on other activities. I was unable to attend school and social activities and instead forced to stay home in my bed. This was a learning experience for me therefore I highly recommend taking critical care of your body so you don't miss out on everything life has to offer.   

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your body. Injuries are not only painful to deal with, but they are setbacks from skating and prevent you from reaching your potential. Speaking from experience, my sprained ankle has forced me to miss several weeks of practice and therefore I am not as prepared for competition as I should be. Now I have to get back in shape, regain my strength, and make up for my missed practices. This is a huge setback for me as I must catch up on skating instead of improving. Therefore it is so important to make sure your body is receiving the best care possible.