CONGRATS to my Learn-to-Skate Students!

A HUGE congratulations to all my Learn-to-Skate students at Middletown IceWorld who passed their tests this weekend. I’m so proud of you all and the determination and hard work you put into every class. Well done! I look forward to seeing everyone in the next session in the new year and hope I will teach you all again.


Saturday LTS class
Evelyn - Basic 5
Gabrielle - Basic 5 
Johanna - Basic 5 
Katie - Basic 5
Helen - Basic 6 
Erin - Basic 6 
Julie - Basic 6

Sunday LTS class
Angelinia - Basic 3
Carmella - Basic 3
Isabella - Basic 3
Nate - Basic 3
Serenity - Basic 5
Vivian - Basic 5

Of course, I can’t forget about my private lesson students and I want to also commend you for the great progress you’ve made this year in improving your speed, edges, and control along with mastering proper spinning and jumping techniques and other new skating elements. I would like to extend my congratulations to ….
Courtney for landing 5 consecutive waltz jumps!
Jordy for learning how to hockey stop AND skating 100 swizzles in a row!
Mischa for perfecting your scratch spin and landing your lutz!
Ollie for skating backwards nonstop for one full circle around the rink!

Best Wishes for continued success as you face new challenges & adventures in skating!

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.22.47 PM.png

Please see my previous post, dated May 6, 2018, for more detailed information about US Figure Skating tests. My group instruction skaters took their Learn to Skate tests which are generally done at the end of each 7-week class session. I conduct the tests and evaluate each student during class and if passed, the skater can advance to the next level. No skater is held back if the class is too easy for him/her and can sign up for the next higher level group session. These tests are separate from my individual private lesson students who are beyond basic skating and have to take more formal ‘judged’ tests to compete competitively.