Why Compete?


CONGRATS to my fellow skater,
for competing at the inaugural
National Festival Excel Series Final!
Read all about her amazing national skating experience on my peer blog page, https://www.figureskatingetc.com/peers-blog-4

Several of my students and their parents have inquired about skating competitions and whether or not their child is ready for such a feat. Personally, I feel competitions are not only a valuable learning experience, but also a great opportunity to demonstrate one’s skills and talents. Competitors receive the opportunity to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone and working hard to achieve their goals. In striving to improve with each performance, skaters gain self-esteem and confidence. Healthy competition not only teaches skaters respect for themselves, it also instills a sense of community and good sportsmanship.

Not all kids are ready for competitive sports so participants vary depending on the individual. I strongly advise against pushing skaters to compete unless he/she has expressed a clear interest. The skater should also be capable of handling the pressure of an audience and the impact of winning/losing. We must always remember to keep the experience fun and positive for the skater.

I recall my first skating competition when I was seven years old. I absolutely loved the spotlight and was obsessed with all the makeup and sparkles. My Basic Skills Level 4 program was only about a minute long, but I relished each second on the ice.

I highly recommend the Compete USA event program which is an entry-level skating competition specifically designed for the Learn to Skate USA student. It provides a fun and positive introduction to the world of competitive skating. The program is open to beginner skaters of all ages and skill levels who are either members of US Figure skating and/or Learn to Skate. Every skater receives an award as there are no more than six competitors per group.

The first annual Excel National Festival was held in Coral Springs, Florida from June 7-9. This offered an open invitation for any Learn to Skate member in Compete USA (from Snowplow Sam through FreeSkate 6). As there are no qualification requirements, I hope many of my students and parents will consider attending this national skating celebration event next year. It is incredibly valuable for beginner skaters to not only experience a national competition, but to also meet other skaters their age from around the country. The event also offers off-ice movement classes, team building activities, and a meet-and-greet with Team USA skaters. 

My fellow skating club member, Camryn Aprilante, qualified to compete in the Excel Series Final at the National Festival. The Excel Series was specifically developed to inspire skaters to remain committed to the sport of figure skating by providing a competitive structure to showcase their skills. The top six skaters from each section in the Series receive an invitation to participate in the Excel Finalist Camp and compete in the Excel Series Final at the National Festival.

For more information about Compete USA and local competition events, please check out https://learntoskateusa.com/eventsinyourarea/?source=post_page---------------------------