Is My Child In the Right Program and Class?

Wow, time sure flies by quickly as I can't believe 7 weeks have already passed and it's the start of another new Learn-To-Skate session.  I'm excited to meet my new students and of course, have my old students back. This time around will be especially challenging because I have to teach three different classes at the same time!  However, it will all work out because my advanced students can demonstrate skills to the younger kids which helps them better learn from their peers. My older students also get to show off and have more practice refining their skills.  As we start our new session in a couple of days, I already anticipate questions from parents and students about whether they signed up for the right class and whether they should stay back or jump ahead.  So let's review the Learn-To-Skate USA curriculum and the different programs and classes offered for all ages and skill levels.  

Learn-To-Skate USA is recognized as the best introductory skating program in the industry and it's where one starts to learn how to skate, serving the needs of both the recreational and competitive skater. It's a basic skating instruction program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.  The progressive curriculum teaches solid skating fundamentals in a safe and fun environment and it's the best learning system for those aspiring figure skaters who want to progress to advanced programs such as the Bridge program and/or figure skating club memberships.  The Learn-To-Skate program is broken down into these following classes- 

1) SnowPlow Sam are the introductory classes which are offered to kids under six yrs. Since these youngest skaters have a shorter attention span, the class instructions are in the form of fun and games to encourage them to have an enjoyable experience learning how to skate.  There are four levels within SnowPlow Sam and skaters mainly learn how to march in place, balance and fall down and get up by themselves.  You can read more information on what is covered in each of the Snowplow Sam classes,

2) Basic Skills are also introductory classes but geared towards older kids and adults.  This program offers six levels of progressive and structured classes and are in the form of more goal oriented activities. These classes teach proper skill development while also building a skater's self-confidence.  Here is more information about these classes,

3) Free Skate are the next higher level classes and skaters learn more advanced skating skills including transitions, spins and jumps.  I generally teach these classes and have students from Pre-Free Skate through Free Skate 6.  Here's more information on this program,

Please don't worry so much if you don't think you signed your child up in the right class.  During the first day of class, I evaluate and assess every student to determine if they are in the appropriate class based on their age and abilities and if they're not, I will assign them to the class which I feel they should be in.  Not only is it important for your child to be in the right class, but I feel it is also important to encourage sportsmanship and self-confidence to prepare my students for a lifetime love of skating!